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My goals are simple: help bridge the physical world with the energetic world to create a natural wellness lifestyle.  For the last 13 years I've been teaching sensory experiences, and witnessing first hand, the impact energy and mind-set has on people.  My first love of the senses has been with Wine and Food, exploring combinations of dishes and with it's perfect wine pairing, exploring what it's like to experience wine at different tasting locations (think outside in the middle of the vineyard vs. inside a busy, noise filled tasting room).  Noticing these subtle nuances and how peoples senses reacted to them lead me to study the world of smell and the connection of our olfactory and our thoughts.  I saw over and over again, when you give people a focal point, they can extract a higher level of enjoyment from these experiences. And that got me thinking....How can we use Earth's tools to nourish our bodies and minds for greater wellness?  One of my favorite lines in a recent movie say's it best "Let's talk to the flowers, everyone knows they are the best gossipers in on the universe, they speak color!" -A Winkle in Time.  Gossip, in this example represents the sharing of something-- and plants, flowers and trees share the Earth gift of Essential Oils, that serve as a vehicle for healing and improving our well being.  Just like in wine, there's an energy from the grapes growing the vineyard, that is carried into the winery once it's picked, then carried into the barrel and eventually carried into your glass (Wow...I think I need a glass of Pinot just thinking about it!)--passing through many hands and energies to give you that Earth+Energy+Sensory experience, this is echoed in the plant kingdom in the form of Essential Oils.   

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